Thursday, 12 April 2018

Yeovil Announcement

Once upon a time there was a small town named Yeovil. There wasn’t anything remarkable about it, it had a shit football team and a terrible road network. It also had the best breaking bands from all over the world playing small venues every week. The punters were spoiled for choice, the acts loved the small venues and the bars made a fucking fortune. Along with this there was an incredible variety of local bands and musicians who had the opportunity to open for these large acts every week. But twice a year there was a show that was all about the local bands, the opportunity to earn the headliners money, the opportunity to perform songs by their favourite bands; the opportunity to play STARS IN THEIR EYES.

I’m teaming up with my old friend Will Blake from Soundcollective (formerly of Advance Promotions) to put on one more big Stars In Their Eyes show in Yeovil. The date and venue are under wraps for now, but the basic premise is as follows:

Local Band selects a popular band to ’be’ for the night. Fancy dress is absolutely encouraged but non essential.
Local Band selects a three song set list or 15 minutes (whichever is the least)
Stage times are selected at random on the night this is the fairest way to ensure everyone has a chance.
On everybody’s ticket is a voting stub, the crowd votes for the best band.
After all votes are tallied the winner receives a large cut of the ticket sales minus costs, along with the glory of being a Stars In Their Eyes winner (an illustrious club of former Yeovil bands, haha)
Second place gets a case of beer.

This is a call to all local bands and musicians and especially former winners and entrants (let’s go full on nostalgia, yo) to get your bands together, get a practice space and get cracking!  The show will be run with top sound and production. Also I’ll be DJing through the night playing all the classics, and will probably play Beating Hearts Baby at least 3 times. Thx, Craig.

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